Nicola Lafferty

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Nicola has been dancing since the age of two, training in Ballet, Tap, Modern and Jazz. She has danced in numerous stage shows and theatre productions and started solo dancing in 1999. After competing in the Intermediate and Advanced solo dance divisions, Nicola decided to move into the coaching and judging side of solo and couples dance. Nicola still competes in the UCWDC Couples Pro-Pro division with American Masters dancer Ronnie DeBenedetta and has won four World Titles. Nicola’s passion is choreography and teaching and feels very privileged to get to do something she loves so much as a full time career.

Nicola is primarily in charge of the World Dance Masters Competition circuit. Anything to do with Competition, Nicola is behind it. She regularly performs the daunting task of Head Judge at the World Dance Masters Championship event in August each year, while arranging all the logistics around the competition at the event.

Sam Robins

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Sam has a strong passion for dance. Solo dance became a huge part of his life at the age of eleven while attending a local class with his grandmother. By the age of twelve he had begun his competition era, dancing in Solo, Couples, and Pro-Am with Rachael McEnaney. By the age of sixteen, Sam had won numerous titles, include British, European, and World Champion. Sam worked his way through the ranks and is eligible to dance in both Superstar and Allstar divisions.

At eighteen Sam embarked on a Pro-Am career, working with many students over a six year period. Sam had students ranging from four to eighty years old and trained many UK, European, and World Champions in a range of divisions. Sam retired from Pro-Am in December 2011 to concentrate on the running of World Dance Masters and his career as a Marketing Manager within a multi-national corporation. He is a graduate of the University of Liverpool.