WDM Rules 2014/2015

1) If there is not a qualifying competition in your country of residence then you do not need to qualify to dance at European Dance Masters or the World Dance Masters Championships. Example, if you reside in Germany and there is no German Masters event then you may attend and compete at European Dance Masters and the World Dance Masters Championships without qualification.

2) For the World Dance Masters Championships and European Dance Masters Championships, anyone dancing only in the Starter or Rugrats divisions will only need to pay Competition Registration. Their full weekend pass into the event will be included with their standard Competition Registration fee.


There are several changes to the rules in 2014/2015.
Please read the rules carefully before your first World Dance Masters competition of the new dance year.

The World Dance Masters Rule Book is a short PDF document of all the rules used for our worldwide competitions. All competitors must read and understand the rules before the first competition. If there are any questions around the rules, please use the Contact Us form and make a Competition Query.

Download the Rule Book