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Abbie Ingram

Hi. My name is Abbie, I'm 23 and from Wigan in the north west of England. I currently work in Admin and have a degree in Digital Design for fashion.

I started line dancing around the age of 7 at a Saturday morning children's class and joined there team where I was first introduced to competitive line dancing. One of the first competitions I attended was at the famous Blackpool winter Gardens I was so nervous as I sat to watch all the other competitors take to the floor in their sparkly costumes and then knew I wanted to have a sparkly costume one day.

I later started to take private lessons and started to enter competitions in solo divisions and won my First World title in 2004 in Nashville Tennessee in Newcomer Division. I went on to take Lessons from the very Talented Nicola Lafferty and danced my way up through the divisions to gain eligibility to dance in the All-stars Division in 2010.

What started as a Saturday afternoon Hobby has taken me around the world to meet some fantastic people of which I have made incredible Friends and had the best experiences.

I hope that BGT gives a positive outlook for line dancing and more people get to enjoy this style of dance as much as I have :)