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Laura Carvill

Laura Carvill is 22 years old and was raised and still currently lives in Armagh, Ireland. As a child at 6 years old Laura started Irish Dancing and Gymnastics as well as Line-Dancing. Eventually after two years at Irish Dancing and Gymnastics Laura gave them up because she just wanted to go to her Line-Dancing class.

Growing up through her teenage years in school and at her local sport clubs Laura was very heavily involved in Camogie, Football (Gaelic and Soccer), Athletics and the only sport that near matched her passion for dance was Netball. Being selected for the Netball Southern Regional Development Squad of Northern Ireland at the age of 15 Laura felt a great love for Netball but when she turned 16 she felt that it was time to give up all her sports and concentrate on her dancing. She got herself a part time job alongside her studies at High School and every penny she earned went towards her training and travelling. This was when she began winning major championships.

As the years passed Laura was winning various competitions right up to World titles and climbing up the divisions while still studying for her A-Level examinations within Business Studies, Economics and Information Technology in school. Her ultimate goal was to make it into the highest competitive line dance divisions and this happened in the year of 2011, a great achievement for her as she was the first ever Irish Female to do this. In the same year, Laura began her Dance Studies specialising in Contemporary, Ballet, Commercial and Jazz at Belfast Metropolitan College and graduated last June with a Higher National Diploma in Performing Arts Dance. She is currently working as a freelance dancer and teacher and is hoping in the near future to move to America to have a career as a dancer.