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Lewis Jenkins

Lewis Jenkins, 20 years old, was born and raised in a small village called Rhoose, South Wales. Lewis was very busy as a child and had many hobbies and interests on the go including Shotokan Karate (Brown belt), swimming club and line dance classes which he participated in during the week and he attended a drama school on the weekends. However, Lewis very soon realised that his real passion was for line dancing which took over from other hobbies.

Lewis’s first experience of line dancing was at the age of 7 when his Mum and Grandmother took him along to their local line dancing class. He loved everything from the dancing to the music and from that point onwards, Lewis started attending more line dance classes every week and eventually entered the world of competition. Lewis has won a vast number of Welsh, English, UK and European titles over the past 13 years. The highlight of his time in competition so far was in 2011 when he won the World Dance Masters Championships in his division, qualifying for the highest division at World Dance Masters. From here, he started teaching line dance classes and giving private lessons as well as teaching Pro Am. Lewis still has private tuition from a variety of dance teachers to enable him to keep improving.

In 2013, Lewis left home and started studying Accounting and Finance at the University of Exeter. Whilst still travelling to and from South Wales to train his students, Lewis is very active in the University’s Dance Society where he has earned a position on the society’s committee.

The best part of line dancing for Lewis is the fact that, as well as being amongst such amazing talent, this style of dance isn’t limited. Through line dancing, he has learnt a vast majority of styles from Waltz, Cha, West Coast Swing, Samba and Street just to name a few and has had the chance to work on his performance skills as well as his technical ability. Lewis isn’t running any line dance classes at the moment due to his studies at Exeter, but looks forward to doing so in the near future.