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Olivia-Grace Beale

Since the age of three, dancing has always been a huge part of my life. I started with the usual ballet, modern and tap classes where I used to live in Portsmouth. Throughout my years of growing up, I joined even more classes and started to dig my heels into other styles such as disco, rock 'n' roll and street dancing at Stacey Kirby's Kaleidiscopes School of Dance but never did I think that line dancing would become first on my list.

I was in many productions as a child growing up and gained my love for performing after pantomimes in local theatres and dance school shows around England. I was lucky enough to be a snowflake in the Royal Ballet performance of The Nutcracker at a young age and starred in several productions with big companies from just the age of 9. At the age of 12, I got an email asking to audition to become part of a line dance team to compete in the World Dance Championships in Germany. I have to admit after hearing the words line dancing, I was very reluctant to go at first but my mum and dad persuaded me and since then I have never looked back.

I began training for the team and took an instant liking to line dancing, so much that I put my name down for the Youth Novice solo division. When arriving at my first competition in line dancing, I was overwhelmed by the amount of people competing and sharing their love for line dancing with the rest of the world. I was lucky enough to win my first ever World title that year in Youth Renegade and from then on, my passion for line dancing over took my love for other dance styles, which resulted in my family and I taking a huge step in moving to North Wales to be nearer our family who have grown up there and closer to where I trained.

Moving to North Wales was the best thing my family ever did, I was able to continue with my line dancing and join such a supportive school, Prestatyn High School. I have a lot to thank them for over my time there, especially my head teacher Mr Pierce and my dance teacher Miss Hewitt. They supported me throughout my five years with them, they let me put on shows to raise money to fund for my travel to dance competitions and also granted me with a very helpful sum of money, in order for me to attend the World Dance Championships in Florida, gaining my 7th line dance World Title and making it to the highest division for my age. I finished my school years after year 13 in Prestatyn High sixth form with and A* and 2 A's and went on to further my education in Chester University, studying Law. I enjoyed my time at this University and joined many societies such as cheerleading but I knew all along I just wanted to dance, so made the quick decision of applying to dance college. I now work full time as a Bluecoat in Pontins Prestatyn, entertaining and doing what I do best everyday.

My dream since I started line dancing was always to become a RisingStar and an AllStar and now after many years of hardwork, I have achieved both dreams and even been lucky enough to win World Titles in both divisions. My biggest achievement within line dancing and one I will never forget is my latest World Title in Young Adult AllStar female division.

I have a lot to give back to World Dance Masters, for furthering my love for line dancing and helping me meet such an amazing team of people, who are now my very special friends. Line dancing would have never been a passion of mine without the unstoppable help from both my parents and my whole family, I won't be able to ever thank them enough.

I've travelled the world, met new friends who I can now say will be my friends for a lifetime, moved house, gained many World Titles but most of all found a dance style that has completely changed my life and opened so many doors.