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June 30th 2014 - October 31 2014

Anything in a purple colour means the music or dance has changed. Please check the script for the music change.
Junior Teen, Young Adult & Open
Dance A
Getting Burnt - Lee Easton
Dance B
Let It Hurt - Gary McIntyre
Dance C
Too Close - Nicola Lafferty
Dance A
All For Love - Nicola Lafferty
Dance B
Where We Belong - Rachael McEnaney & Simon Ward
Dance C
Treasure - Craig Bennett & Linda McCormack
Dance A
Only Girl - Simon Ward & Niels Poulsen (download music)
Dance B
Finding You - Paul James & David Blakeley (download music)
Dance C
Blurred Lines - Rachael McEnaney & Arjay Centeno
Dance A
Indian Summer - Darren Bailey & Fred Whitehouse [amended June 1st, 2014]
Dance B
All of Me - Simon Ward (download music)
Dance C
Brokenheared - Lewis Jenkins
Dance A
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye - Nicola Lafferty
Script (amended 12/4)
Dance B
Thankful - Fred Whitehouse (download music)
Script (amended 12/4)
Dance C
Brighter Than the Sun - Danielle Rowe
Dance A
Pontoon - Gail Smith
Dance B
4 5 6 Waltz - Pip Hodge
Dance C
Play Hard - Shane McKeever
Dance C (Open+ only)
Middle of the Road - Fred Whithouse
Dance A
Wake Up Little Susie - Rachael McEnaney
Dance B
Kellie's Angel - Willie Brown
Dance C
Venga Bus Shuffle - Kelvin Elvidge
Dance A
Cowboy Charleson
Dance A
LDF - Peter Metalnick & Alison Biggs
Dance B
Share My Stage - Paul Culshaw
Dance B (Open+ only)
Honey Pie - Maggie Gallagher
Junior Teen Duos
All Night to Get There by Rascal Flatts
Open Duos
Telescope (Radio Mix) by Hayden Panetierre
Senior Duos
We Really Shouldn't Be Doing This by George Strait
Elite Duos
Come Wake Me Up by Rascal Flatts
Showcase Duos
The Deadwood Stage (Whip-Crack-Away) by Doris Day
From the Album 'UK no 1 Hits' length of track: 3.13
Whiskey's Gone by Zac Brown Band
Country Classic
Dance A
Dirt Road Dancing - Rob Fowler
Dance A
Shake It For Me Couples
Dance B
If You Want My Love

Download Music

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Advanced - Only Girl & Finding You
Intermediate - All Of Me
Novice - Thankful