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Started in 2013, the WDM Unsung Hero Award is an annual acknowledgement to one person who selflessly dedicates themselves to World Dance Masters and goes above and beyond the call of duty. Without these people World Dance Masters cannot function and our events would certainly not be the same. We send thanks to these people, and hope you will too.

2013 Unsung Hero - Bruno Vastel

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Many of you may not have met Bruno Vastel directly, but indirectly he affects all of us. For the last several years Bruno has been an irreplaceable asset at the World Dance Masters Championship events. Bruno works behind the scenes, his main job being the man who turns the judges scores into the overall placements.

With so many incredible dancers competing each year at World Dance Masters the scoring is never easy. There are many ties throughout the divisions and Bruno is the man who breaks them. Not only that but Bruno scores the World Swing Masters competition at the same time. Bruno is multi-talented, never complains, and his dedication makes the event run smoothly (after all, without the scores, we have no awards). Bruno works tirelessly before the event too, lending a helping hand to our Competition Director, Nicola Lafferty, whenever she needs it. Bruno was the WDM Unsung Hero 2013, and rightly so.