World Dance Masters: Frequently Asked Questions

All schedules will be released towards the end of July or early August. The reason we release later in the year is because we want to make sure we get everything as perfect as possible. This means waiting until most of the ticket sales are in so we are determine any amendments needed based on demand.

If you want an idea of how we run - here is the 2017 schedule.
Reduced concession tickets are available for those attendees who are under 16 years old and over 60 years old.
That depends. If your child is competing, then yes, all competitors require a pass (remember, if they are competing in Starter, Tiny Tots, or Rugrats, their pass is included in the competitor registration cost).

If your child is not competing, doesn’t dance, and is under the age of 12, then they do not require a ticket. We will issue them a spectator pass on the door.
Yes, you are more than welcome to record video and take photographs at the event for personal use only. We do not allow attendees to take pictures or record videos for sale, so please do not put pictures of the event online to sell to competitors and attendees. Also, instructors reserve the right to ask attendees not to record their workshops.
Yes. Table reservations are available for during the competition hours only. You can view more details on table reservations here.
Tickets and competitor registration fees are non-refundable under most circumstances. We do have a policy whereby we will allow a refund for tickets for medical reasons. In this case, the ticket must be in the name of the person requesting a refund and we must receive medical proof (for instance, a Doctor’s note). Competition registration fees are none refundable in all circumstances.

We do also allow for the transfer of the ticket to another person. Please email World Dance Masters using the Contact Us button on our Home Page to discuss how to proceed with a refund or transfer.
The Baronial Hall (behind the Spanish Hall) will host some West Coast Swing and Couples workshops in the day. The West Coast Swing and Couples workshops will be targeted towards beginners/improvers, so if you are attending for line dance, this is a great opportunity to try something new.
Your ticket is not 100% necessary, but it will save time on the day. You can print your ticket using the email you received from TicketLeap. The ticket contains a barcode that we can scan quickly and easily. If you are tech-savvy, you can add the ticket to your mobile device and we can scan it from there, too!

If you don’t have your ticket, we can look your name up manually in the system, but it will take slightly longer and will require identification to prove the ticket is yours.

If in doubt, print your ticket!