Table Reservations During World Dance Masters 2017

At Worlds 2016, we polled the audience and asked whether you wanted the opportunity to reserve tables at Worlds 2017. From the votes we received, the opportunity to do so was heavily supported. So, for Worlds 2017 we’ll offer the option for you to reserve a table for during the competition in the day.

This request has been asked by multiple different groups for YEARS but we’ve never found a good way to commit to it. At Worlds 2017, we’ll try it for the first time. This is a test. If it doesn’t work, it turns out it is too difficult to manage, or response isn’t optimal, then we’ll revert back to standard practice for Worlds 2018.


There are 28 tables on offer each day (depicted in red in the diagram below). We do not know what demand to anticipate, so be early just in case.

Below is all the information you need to prepare for table reservations. These rules are final and will be strictly adhered to.

Thank you for your support. We are looking forward to trying this out for the first year!

Sam & Nicola x

Update 8/6/2017

The images below represent current availability of table bookings. The tables in red are currently reserved. The tables in yellow are open for reservation. You can continue to reserve tables until the week before Worlds. To reserve, go to and select the day you want to reserve. Someone will then be in touch to ask for your preferred table number. We will go in the order we receive orders, so if you preferred table has already gone between that time we’ll ask you for your second choice.
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What you need to know

Checklist - Are You Covered?

Before 1st June, make sure you have fulfilled and understand the following conditions. If not, then your reservation will be put to the back of the queue until the conditions are met.

  • You need a minimum of 8 unique people for each table you want to book on each day. Have your list of names ready, as you’ll be asked to provide the names during the payment stage;

  • Critically, all these people MUST have already purchased a ticket to World Dance Masters 2017. We will search their names against our ticket database. If any of your names have not purchased, you go to the back of the queue until they have;

  • Get agreement that at least 6 people will occupy your table(s) by the time competition starts each day. If you don’t hit this minimum by competition start, your reserved sign will be removed and your table opened to everyone;

  • Once you have purchased online, you will be contacted by World Dance Masters within 7 days (probably much earlier, but please allow up to this amount of time). Each transaction is automatically time stamped and we will contact people in order, so no need to worry that we have missed you;

  • When you are contacted by World Dance Masters, you will be provided with a diagram of current availability and asked to select the table you want to reserve.

  • Once you have selected your table, it is locked in. It can only be changed at World Dance Masters’ discretion. If you decide to cancel your table, refunds are not available;

  • We’ve opened up the tables in yellow/red for reservation - but we make no guarantees about these tables. What we know is that they are the closest to the front and the prime tables - but we are not saying these are the best seats in the house or guaranteeing any type of view from them - that’s your decision to make.


1. 28 out of 60 tables are open to be reserved (see in red in the above diagram). All other tables in the Empress Ballroom are free for anyone to sit at (those in green in the diagram above).

2. Reservation will be from door opening until ballroom close after the competition. No reservations stand in the evening – all tables are open for anyone.

3. Your reserved table must be at least 60% occupied (i.e 6 people out of 10) by the time competition starts each day (usually 1 hour after doors open). If not, your table becomes open for anyone to sit at and you lose all rights. Our stewards will remove reservation signs from any table that does not meet the minimum occupancy by the stated time. No exceptions. No refunds.

4. Table reservations are on a first-come-first-served basis. Each transaction will be automatically time stamped by the ticketing system and email. The earliest confirmed bookings will be contacted and offered their first choice. World Dance Masters’ decision on the allocation is final.

5. Table reservations cost £40 per day. Each table contains 10 seats (£4 per seat).

6. When booking, a minimum of 8 people must be listed for the table (names will be asked to be listed during the checkout stage). These 8 people must have already purchased tickets for the event. If you book a table and your minimum 8 people do not have tickets purchased for the event, you go to the back of the reservation queue until all tickets are purchased.

7. You can only book 1 table for each day (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) in a transaction. If you book multiple tables in different transactions, each table must have a unique list of confirmed people.